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Silver Sponsor - BMO Asset Management

BMO Asset Management Inc. is an asset management business focused on meeting the needs of investors across Canada. Our clients include institutional investors stewarding large pools of capital, advisors who help clients plan and save for their future and individuals managing their own personal assets. We understand that each of our clients has individual circumstances, together with specific needs and requirements. Our goal is to consider these unique needs and deliver their desired outcomes. Doing this well, in a fast moving and interconnected world, requires both a global perspective and an appreciation of local circumstances. These are strengths you can find at BMO Asset Management Inc.

Our investment platform spans all major asset classes – capabilities from which we can work to make a positive impact on both our clients and the world we live in. Alongside stand-alone asset class capabilities actively aiming to deliver outperformance, we offer passive benchmark indices, segmented fixed income, factor or rule-based beta and ESG solutions.

Our focus is simple: to help our clients meet their investment goals, while also building a more sustainable and secure future for us all. It is our responsibility to not only to grow capital and income for our clients, but to also be prepared to challenge convention and act boldly when it comes to making a difference to the world we live in.

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Vincent Au - Director, Institutional Sales and Service

Location: Ontario

T: 416-359-5999


Natalie Camara - Director, Institutional Sales and Service

Location: Western Canada

T: 604-665-8885


Vincent Sicotte - Director, Institutional Sales and Service

Location: Eastern Canada

T: 438-824-4185


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