Jennifer Story

Jennifer Story

Associate Director, Climate Advocacy

About this Speaker

Working as part of SHARE’s active ownership team, Jennifer leads climate-focused corporate engagement initiatives on behalf SHARE’s networks of investors.

Jennifer has devoted her career to helping progressive organizations develop and execute effective and strategic campaigns. She has worked in staff roles for NGOs including Greenpeace and the Greenbelt Foundation, and as a consultant for organizations including the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and UNICEF Canada.

Alongside her consulting work, since 2014, Jennifer has served as an elected Trustee at the Toronto District School Board. She is respected at the board as a leader in guiding the organization through a challenging period of renewal. The 22 person board has oversight of a $3.4 billion annual budget, operational policies and strategic plans for an organization with 40,000 employees, 250,000 students and 584 schools. As part of that role, Jennifer has served the Board’s Audit Committee, Urban Indigenous Advisory Committee, and the Toronto Lands Corporation.